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Pigs Might Fly - Terracotta

These are the same design as the bronze pigs might fly, but these are cast terra cotta instead of bronze. They are lighter to carry or post, but they are DEFINITELY MORE FRAGILE to transport. Once they are in place and positioned in your house or garden, they will not break unless they are dropped or knocked out.

Terra Cotta Pigs Might Fly are painted or waxed and may weather if placed in extreme weather for long periods of time.

Two Postures:

  • The slightly larger Pig, 'Flying'
  • The slightly smaller Pig, 'Sitting Wishful'

The flying Pig is fitted with a wire to assist in maintaining the flight path, and can be hung from a metal hanging stand, a hook somewhere or a tree. 'Sitting Wishful' is exactly that, and may be placed on the ground, on a small stand, rock or ledge - not likely to fly yet.


  • SINGLE PIG: $40 + Pack & Post $20 = $60
  • SET: Flying & Sitting $40 each = $80 + Pack & Post $35 = $115
  • SET including STEEL STAND: $115 + 60cm Steel Stand $80 = $195.00 + Pack & Post $40 = $235
  • STEEL STAND: 64cm high, 38cm base width = $80 + Pack & Post $35 = $115
  • STEEL STAND: 94cm high, 38cm base width = $85 + Pack & Post $40 = $125

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PMF Terracotta Flying Lesson
PMF Terracotta Flying Yellow
PMF Terracotta Wishful Red & Tan