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Pigs Might Fly - Wood & Bronze

It's a small piece of sculpture - whimsical and pertinent to the occasional topic of

The body of the pig is carved wood. The wings ears and tails are bronze.

Available colours:

  • Natural timber
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White

Two Postures:

The slightly larger Pig, 'Flying'
The slightly smaller Pig, 'Sitting Wishful'

The flying Pig is fitted with a wire to assist in maintaining the flight path, and can be hung
from a metal hanging stand, a hook somewhere in the house, patio or tree.

'Sitting Wishful' is exactly that, and may be placed on the ground, on a small stand, rock or
ledge - not likely to fly yet.


SINGLE PIG : $70.00 + Pack & Post $20.00 = $90.00

SET : Flying & Sitting $65.00 each = $130.00 + Pack & Post $35.00 = $165.00

SET including STEEL STAND : $130.00 + 60cm Steel Stand $80.00 = $210.00 + Pack & Post
We will confirm the Australia Post Charges for delivery at the time of your order

STEEL STAND alone : $80.00 + Pack & Post

Pigs really do fly
PMF Wood & Bronze Flying White
PMF Wood & Bronze Flying Natural
PMF Wood & Bronze Flying Lesson - Practice