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Kettle Bells - Bronze

We have further developed the concept of the Russian Kettle Bell in this bronze version which is both functional & aesthetic. It also has the extra feature of weight adjustability. The base of the Kettle Bell can be opened and the weight can be increased or decreased according to the user needs.

Metal pellets (ball bearings) can be used to provide the required weight, as can lead fishing sinkers, nuts & bolts or other heavy metals.

  • Empty weight: Claw = 3kg, Classic = 2kg.
  • Can fill to: Claw = 18kg, Classic = 16kg.

This means that with the one Bronze Claw Kettle Bell, you can swing any weight from 3kg to 18kg or with the Bronze Classic you can swing any weight from 2kg to 16kg.

Weights are approximate.

We have the steel bearings available for $10 per kg.

PRICES: $250 + Pack & Post

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Claw Green
Claw Green
Classic Green